Begin your excursion at Vourvourou. Climbing the mountain that begins at Panorama Studios on foot or by car, you reach a high altitude within 2-3 km. If the atmosphere is clear, you have an extensive view of northern and southern Greece. Visit Agios Nikolaos with the traditional stone-built square. You can have a meal there or stroll around its narrow streets. 

A 5'-walk away is Ormos Panagias with its picturesque harbour and marvelous seaside tavernas. As soon as the fishing boats return in the morning, you can buy the best fresh fish in the bay. You can also take a ride on a small passenger boat there. 
At 9 am, there is a special tour of Mount Athos, Ouranoupolis and the island ofAmouliani, as well as many of the islands and coves of Vourvourou.
About 10' from Vourvourou, you will find Nikiti, a picturesque seaside settlement on the northwest side of the peninsula where you can stroll around the traditional stone houses and visit the early Christian basilica, the Church of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary and the small island of Kastri. 
At the coastal resort of Neos Marmaras, you can visit the settlement of Parthenonas or go to the island of Kelyfos located just opposite the village. From Neos Marmaras, you can set off for the pine-forested area of Psaria or go to Itamos Hill for an enjoyable nature walk. The Porto Carras resort, where you can visit the winery, the stables, the private marina and the casino, is located a short distance from Neos Marmaras. 

Two significant sites are located in the village of Toroni: the ruins of the castle ofToroni and the early Christian basilica of Agios Athanasios. We recommend you visit the Monastery of Xiropotamos in Sarti, as well as the ancient temple and the windmills in Sikia. Among the most notable sites in the area are the archaeological site of Olynthus, the ancient city in Arnea, the natural fortress citadel in Antigonea near Nea Kalikratia, the Cave of Petralona, the Byzantine tower in Galatista, theFolklore Museum in Afitos and the archaeological museum in Polygyros.

You can also visit locations of interest in the nearby prefectures of Halkidiki. In Vergina, the tomb of King Philip of Macedon (2 hours); in Thessaloniki, the castles and archaeological sites and museums (1 hour); in Kalambaka, the unique area of Meteora; in Pella Prefecture, the Pozar baths, the famous Edessa waterfall and Pella with its numerous archaeological sites (2 hours).