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Local Halkidiki products


Apiculturists are particularly well organised here. The "Sithon" beekeeping cooperative is particularly well known and active in promoting this product, not only in Greece but in many locations abroad.

The systematic cultivation of vineyards by local residents results in the production of excellent grape varieties used to make top quality wines. Particularly well known are the wines of Domaine Porto Carras. The wines produced by the smaller wineries in the area are of comparable quality.

The climate in Sithonia is particularly favourable for the cultivation of olives. The olive oil produced in our area is of excellent quality and is included among the best varieties in the world.

It is reasonable to expect that people who live in this area would be involved in fishing. There are many fishermen active here and the result is that fresh fish can be enjoyed at the local tavernas or bought from the fish mongers found in all the local districts.